I am talking about board games, word games, educational games, card games, video games, and computer games, PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox. I do not want to leave out golf, bowling, team sports and a variety of individual sports. I should mention my favorite is bicycling. You may say that some sports are not games, but they all have attributes that help us grow mentally and physically. Everyone throughout their lives play games. Depending on interest, skill level and if participants are available or required determines what games we play. More and more now we play games just to occupy time. It is entertainment! Is it a waste of time or do we learn something?

Children are taught to play 3raja slot games at an early age. Games teach children patience, social interaction, negotiation, strategy, how to win and lose gracefully, mental stimulation, mental and physical confidence that keep us healthy. Games attract us because they are fun! Children learn about goals and the steps necessary to win a game. Whether it is concentration, paying attention to details such as rules, your opponent, or learning new skills. No matter how old you are, playing games are important. It is mentally stimulating, keeps you engaged and keeps you psychologically fit. This is particularly important as we become older to stave off aging diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

Team sports and individual sports are important for physical and mental well being. In addition, team sports teach us how to work together toward a common long term goal. Individual and team sports keep us in good mental and physical condition. Physical activity is excellent for stress reduction. Some sports like golf are good for social and business activities. Most Games and sports involve social interaction which teaches us how to get along.

Most video and computer games are individual in nature. Although there may be little social interaction, they certainly have the same characteristics as other games. In fact, some video games are noted for their special skills appropriate for surgery or other fine motor skill activities. Some video games can be addictive and self absorbing! A balance of games is important in one’s life

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